6 Ways to Promote Your Business on TikTok

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TikTok has been a dominant force in the world of social media for a while now and it shows no sign of slowing down in 2024. No longer solely the domain of viral dance routines, business owners all over the world are using the platform to showcase their products and services and attract new customers.

Sometimes it’s hard to think of content ideas on top of all the work involved in running your own business so here we’ve put together six suggestions to help you out.

Day in the Life

Channel your inner vlogger and film what a typical day as a business owner looks like to you. Show your followers all the tasks you carry out in a day, what you have for lunch and even how you like to relax in the evening. Bonus points if no two days look the same for you as this means you can film multiple versions of a day in your life.

Meet the Team

If you have a team of hardworking employees then show them off! This is another suggestion that can lead to multiple videos. Start off by introducing your team members and what they do and then make subsequent videos asking them questions about your business. For example, go round your team asking them their favourite product from your business or their favourite tips and tricks relating to your products. Don’t worry if you work alone, you can use this prompt to show your audience all the different hats you wear as a business owner.

Your Story

Creating a personal connection with your audience can help you to build a loyal customer base. Help people to invest in your brand by talking about why you started your own business, what your life looked like before you were a business owner or even how you chose your business’ name.

Products in Action

Don’t forget to show off your products! To avoid making your content feel too salesy, opt for videos of your products in use. Let the products do the talking rather than just reeling off a list of all the benefits they offer. You could consider hiring a UGC Creator to create content that feels organic or you could give it a go yourself. If you have any tips or tricks for using your products that might not be immediately obvious, then highlight those. Ask your customers for their favourite hacks and then give them a go on camera. Showcase all your different colours/flavours/scents/sizes. Tell your audience why they need your product without telling them they need your product.

Packing Orders

People love to see the process behind the product they’re buying. This is your opportunity to showcase all the time and effort that goes into preparing an order. Show off the personal touches that bigger companies simply cannot offer. You can even involve your customers by giving them the opportunity to request that their order is packed on camera.


If you promote your business on TikTok, it’s inevitable that your comments will be filled with questions from potential customers. Answer some of your most common ones to show that you care and encourage people to make a purchase. If you have more than 10k followers, you can even put all of these videos in a playlist to make them easy to find.

Despite having 100s of millions of active users, TikTok is still one of the best social media platforms for growing your business’ online presence and reaching potential customers. The app’s For You page means that anyone can go viral regardless of number of followers and it’s not unheard of for accounts with under 1000 followers to post videos that get over 100k views.

Above is just a few suggestions of how business owners can use the platform but the possibilities are endless. For more inspiration, take a look at how your competitors are using the platform (but be careful not to directly copy them!) or think about how content from creators in other niches or industries could be adapted to fit your business.

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