What is the Instagram Professional Dashboard?

What is the Instagram Professional Dashboard?

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If you have an Instagram business account, you might’ve noticed a new message at the top of your profile page saying ‘View professional dashboard’. The Professional Dashboard was launched by Instagram a couple of weeks ago, bringing together various different business account features.

Although the Professional Dashboard doesn’t contain any new features, it does make it easy to find all of Instagram’s business tools by putting them in one place.

According to Instagram, there are three key features of the Professional Dashboard. These are:

Track Your Performance: Discover insights and trends based on your account’s performance.

Grow Your Business: Easily access the tools you use to run your account, discover new tools to help you build your business, and check monetization status and eligibility.

Stay Informed: Learn how to make the most of Instagram with curated educational resources full of tips, tricks, and inspiration.

A screenshot of an Instagram profile page, showing the link to the Professional Dashboard

So What Will You Find In The Professional Dashboard?

At the top of the Professional Dashboard, you’ll see a graph displaying your account’s reach each day for the last 30 days. Tapping on this graph (or See All Insights below) will bring you to the Insights page, where you can learn more about how your account is performing.

A screenshot of the Instagram Professional Dashboard showing profile insights

Below this are several links under the title ‘Grow Your Business’. The first link is titled Promotions and this brings you to a page where you can create new promotions and manage existing ones.

Below this, we have Branded Content Approvals. Here you can manage your approved business partners and choose who can tag you in branded content posts. Next we have the option to set up Instagram Shopping, and finally, is the option to set up saved replies.

A screenshot of the bottom section of the Professional Dashboard, showing a selection of Instagram Guides and links to manage promotions, manage branded content, set up Instagram shopping, and set up saved replies

At the bottom of the page, are a series of Guides created by Instagram which may be useful to business owners. These cover topics such as ‘How to plan and create content’ and ‘How to boost audience engagement’.

All in all, the Instagram Professional Dashboard does not include any new features but it does bring together some of Instagram’s most useful business features in one easily accessible place. While this is not the most ground-breaking feature to hit Instagram, it may make it easier to find all of the business resources you require.

Do you think the Professional Dashboard will help you to manage your business account? Let me know what you think!

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